Measure for Garments

Mobile 3D imaging to capture exact geometry for accurate measurements in less than 60 seconds.

LymphaTech partners with compression garment manufacturers and fitters to completely digitize the measurement and ordering process, improving fit, reducing remakes/waste, and streamlining the online ordering process with a direct connection to ecommerce platforms.

Measure The Impact

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LymphaTech illustration of patient legs being scanned

A quick, simple, and more comfortable measuring experience

  • Save time to focus more on important product information with your customer
  • Less invasive no-contact measuring experience is more hygienic
  • Simplify hard to measure areas with automatic landmark detection
  • Intelligent algorithms ensure all measurements are straight and at the correct angle
LymphaTech illustration of leg size and measurements

Automatic measurements of exact limb shape

  • Measure any geometry with accuracy and ease for a more precise fit
  • Automatically complete garment order forms directly in the app in seconds
  • Reduce transcription errors from handwritten measurements
LymphaTech an order form and online shop for compression garments

Facilitate sales seamlessly

  • Connect directly to your online ordering ecommerce platform
  • Digitize traditional offline orders automatic PDF order forms
  • Grow accounts and attract new customers with cutting edge technology
LymphaTech reduce garment remakes by 33 percent graph

Get Correct Measurements the First Time

LymphaTech users see reductions in compression garment remakes due to measurement error up to 33%.

Reach out to LymphaTech today to elevate the standard of care.

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