About Us

LymphaTech provides intelligent software solutions for cutting edge imaging, measurement, and documentation for lymphedema and other swelling diseases. The founding team is a group of researchers at the forefront of lymphatic health and lymphedema from Georgia Tech who are passionate about providing advanced technological solutions to a large underserved group of clinicians and patients.

Our Mission

Lymphedema is a permanent limb swelling disease that affects 4 million people in the United States. Lymphedema care has been in the dark ages for too long with minimal technology-enhanced solutions to enable clinicians to help patients. Patients are worried about the risk of developing lymphedema after they survive cancer, and don’t know know where to go to get information. Clinicians are frustrated with the lack of resources and solutions to help them care for patients and improve clinical outcomes. Hospitals and insurance companies want to provide effective efficient care and avoid the financial burdens of chronic disease management. LymphaTech’s mission is to provide technological solutions to this underserved population and advance the standard of care.

doctor talking to patients and showing them data results on ipad

Research-Based Solutions

Born in the lab and based on research, we are constantly investigating the latest advances in imaging, machine learning/AI, and lymphatic biology. Everything we do is supported by research conducted & published by 3rd party scientists. LymphaTech has solutions for clinicians, patients, and compression garments.

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