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Mobile 3D imaging to capture exact geometry for accurate measurements in less than 60 seconds.

LymphaTech provides highly accurate measurements with low variability in less than 60 seconds. The measurement process is more comfortable than using a tape measure and is validated by published research. 100s of thousands of data points are captured in each scan allowing completely customizable measurements.

LymphaTech illustration doctor and patient in office

Capture accurate baseline volume measurements for all patients

  • Fast: Accurate volume and % difference measurements in less than 60 seconds
  • Reliable: Simple standardized measurements with low interoperator variability
  • Accurate: 99% accurate validated by published 3rd-party research
LymphaTech illustration doctor and patient in office with enlarged arm

Track volume measurements over time to enable prospective surveillance

  • Automatically calculates volume and % difference in volume between limbs
  • LymphaTech algorithms automatically identify and match limb segments and landmarks consistently for all consecutive scans
  • Improve documentation with automated reporting that can be printed/exported & attached to patient records
  • Visually inspect changes in measurements of each limb and between limbs
patient visiting multiple sites for care

Standardize measurements across multiple sites

  • Sync data across multiple facilities
  • Integrate measurements with electronic health records
  • Monitor measurements throughout the entire continuum of care
LymphaTech illustration doctor and patient in office for ongoing care

Gain more insight and drive results during each visit throughout the care plan

  • Take measurements during each visit for a precise view of current status
  • Monitor measurements to optimize your treatment approach
  • Improve patient engagement and compliance
LymphaTech reduce interoperator variability by 75%

Consistent measurements no matter who takes the scan

LymphaTech reduces measurement variability by 75% to allowing improved efficiency & clinic flow with multiple users.

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