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3D scan performed at home or in the clinic

Changes in limb volume are tracked over time

If a higher risk is detected, receive month-long targeted and effective treatment

What we do

LymphaTech is developing a low-cost, highly-accurate solution to monitor the risk of lymphedema for cancer survivors. Our tehnology measures and tracks limb volume to identify symptoms early enough to provide effective treatment. With the ability to quickly and simply scan yourself, you can get back to doing whatever you love, knowing eactly when treatment is needed.


With increased accuracy in measuring and tracking limb volume, LymphaTech's 3-D scanner allows clinicians to diagnose lymphedema within the window of effective treatment. Scanning is completed in a fraction of the time so focus can remain on patient care.


LymphaTech's 3-D scanner will empower patients to take charge of their survivorship with clear insight into lymphatic health. Patients can scan and track themselves as frequently as they wish to know exactly when a visit to a clinician is needed. Stay informed, scan on demand, and receive treatment when necessary.

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